Provo Gun Club currently comprises of 4 dedicated trap fields, 1 dedicated skeet field, and a multi-use field. Our multi-use field functions as an additional trap or skeet field and is the home of our famed "The Gallow's" 5-stand field. All but one of our fields is lighted for nighttime shooting.

In addition we have a sporting clays course at both the north and south ends of the facility. These courses are well laid out in excellent terrain and beautiful scenery beneath Mount Timpanogos. They offer a challenging and varied presentation of targets.

We have recently expanded our sporting clays course and have plans for adding a second dedicated skeet field.

Provo Gun Club is a shotgun sports facility. For rifle and pistol range information contact Provo City.
About the Gun Club

The Provo Gun Club is a club that was built by shooters and is operated by volunteers. We try to create a FUN legal place to shoot your shotgun. You will not find a more inviting and helpful group of shooters in Utah.

We strive to keep costs down, equipment well maintained, and activity level high. Come try your skills out here and see what sport you are good at. Is it skeet or trap? If you need instruction we will gladly show you the ropes so don't shy away if you are a novice or first time shooter!

The club does not require membership to shoot...but strongly encourages it. Members are afforded monthly news of upcoming shoots, better pricing, and more affiliation with other great shooters.

For many years the Provo Gun Club was just a trap shooting facility. With the addition of Sporting Clays in the late 1990's, Skeet in 2000 and a 5 stand facility in 2001, the Provo Gun Club is the most versatile gun club in Utah. They are open to the public for shooting: Wednesdays 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. In addition to these days, the gun club will be open Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm for 5 stand.

Our Provo Gun Club Facility